Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A year that went by, One more to follow !!!

I was already almost done with another post for the blog, but was waiting for some more lines to finish it, that I found myself involved amidst a storm of simulations and lot of work on the job front. So I had to post-pone my post, and saved the draft to post it later ... Also a quick visit to my in-laws in Los Angeles, during the weekend, made it even more harder for me to spend some time on the posts ... Looking to today's scenario one shall not complain for being nose deep loaded into work, and so I am scribbling this post fast enough even as I am running some simulations on the other window ... Thank you God up above for making me work my ass off for the past 3 days and making me toil and sweat in today's market scenarios, and for making me look and reflect upon my past year, and giving me one more year to look forward to, as I celebrate finishing 26 years of existence in this world, torturing and loving others, and as I stand on the brink of turning 27 years old ...

While I am typing the first paragraph above, my mind is just blank as to what shall I write below in subsequent paragraphs about this day - a day when you turn one more year old, a day when you become special for someone as you entered their lives, a day where even your strongest enemy would wish you good, a day when wishes flow from round the globe, making their way through orkut, facebook, myspace, sms, emails, phone calls, e-cards etc ... A day when you blow the candles, wishing for one more rocking year ahead, one more year filled with lots of happiness, blessings and wisdom, a day spent with family, near and dear ones, friends ... Well as it happened, and as always it was fun to spend one more birthday, with friends (who are now my immediate family in the US) and it was a little bit less fun missing mom and dad, and celebrating yet another birthday away from them ... It has been now 5 straight years that I have not been able to stuff my cake into my dad's mouth and not been able to enjoy the awesome delicacies made from my mom's hands on my bdays ... Well that is how life is, and that is how it has been - but absolutely no complaints !!! Life has been fun and birthdays have been great from a different perspective ....Thanks to all those wonderful people in my life, whom God has created to be my friends !!!

Also, this time, the sadness was a little bit on the lesser side, with Dipali too by my side, and of-course friends have always been an integral part of my life and they did make it sure that I never forget the "pain" on my bday, with all those kicks in the butt !!! As I said God up above, has loaded me with meetings and a lot of work on my bday (and I am grateful for that lol), and so Dipali invited my friends to our apartment yesterday, for celebrations ... Cake was too good, a black forest, for which me and Dipali had fought the previous day, with my room-mate Jaishal clutching his hair in dismay, as I wanted the Opera flavor, and Dipali was just inclined towards Black Forest... In the end, I was saved either way, with no cake on my face, for the very first time since I have been here in the US, and that was the best part of all (although I am always the criminal mind on the front in spoiling other people's faces on their bdays) but as luck would have been, the cake was simply the perfect size for the guests, and at the end, there I was, beaming in joy with a clean decent face :)

But, as always, I was once again not let off that easily ... Back in LA @ USC, where I used to study, we used to have a special basket in which I was stuffed and literally dragged like a sledge on the hard concrete into the middle of the road ... I still have those pics and those memories, and I have a plan to post my last 5 year's memories here once I get some time later this week or next week ... But yesterday was no different, minus the cart, the kicks from my friends were still enough to give me a sore back and a sore ass !!! lol ... It was fun though, and made me feel still like a kid or a teenager (if I dont ponder a lot on the numerical value of my age) !!!

Well let me end this post here, and get back to my work, or else I will just keep on going and going as by now almost all of my readers are aware of the typical "essay" writing skills I possess LOL and am sometimes hated for that !!! But when one pens down one's life as an open book, then I guess there are no limits, and there are no short stories as each event is linked to another in a brilliant chain of memories !!! I just could not let my blog go off without a post on my birthday and so I had to insert this particular post in between my other scheduled posts :)

I can think of a lot of other related posts that I can scribble and let me include those titles here and see if I can create some of those this month before march ends .. If I enter April, and haven't been able to do so then well I might as well save those for next year :) ...

- Memories from My past Birthdays in the US...
- The 26th year that went by in my life...

Anyways, it is adios from me here, as I sign off and go back to the simulation world to try and get my script running ...


Missing you mom and dad !!! Love you both lots !!! Love you Dipali !!!

Samy :)


Shachi said...

Wish you a very happy birthday! Have loads of fun and enjoy your bachelor days to the fullest ;)

ruchi said...

its ur bday n all i wish to comment here is:

Mansi said...

hahaha..i rber the USPS Mail basket...lol....u knw next time u go2 LA get that :P

sunil said...

Dear Samkit,
Again wishing you vary happy birthday globally.As usual, you know, we miss you so much on your birthday and mango season which started last five years.Again recalling all your birthdays, from 1st to 21st,we miss you very much.

Anyways,seeing all your friends and Dipali with you on your birthday, was feeling happy.one thing forgot, very beautiful ,colorful cake was that.
"Amara ashirwad che tane ke tari wishes jaldithi puri thay ane tu India jaldithi pacho aave-with that talkative, cute girl-Dipali whom also we miss.when she was here, never had to go and see whether she woke up as her chatting voice used to tell us now she is wake up.
My sepacial thanks to your friends in USA ,giving you feeling of your family.
love you both,
Maa and Daddu

Maa and Daddu

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a fantastic birthday, dude! Cheers!! :)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday