Monday, August 9, 2010

Celebrating Love !!!

Apparently as we all know time flies by, and sometimes it takes it own sweet and slow road, whereas in most of the cases it just whizzes past us in today's fast paced life. No matter how your time goes by, it's the memories that remain, slow or fast, ups and downs, good or bad - all that matters is how you have lived those moments.

Reflecting back upon time, the two most noteworthy events that happened to change my life big time, happen to fall in the month of August. One of them changed how I would end up career wise whilst the second event which is by far the most closest to my heart happened to change the way my heart would beat for the rest of my life.

On the whole the first event happened to add substance to my life while the second love-filled life changing emotional moment happened to add a whole new meaning and an entirely different dimension to my life.

It would deem unfair if I was to jump directly to the second event without mentioning a bit about the first one, only for the sole reason that if it was not for the substantial first event that took place, I would not have got a chance to witness the second one. Or maybe I would have ? God knows ! So not to confuse between the first and the second any more, I would like to mention that 1st of August marked my 6 years in the US. As it happens to be I came for my Master's in USC and that was the first step which changed my life on the career front, added some substantial goals and aims to my life and helped me grow from a 21-year old naive young man to a much more matured and an experienced individual where I stand today.

I still remember those anxious sad moments, those teary eyes and those heart-skipping moments on the Ahmedabad airport when I was about to board the flight. I feel quite nostalgic about it and this has been the same feeling that has crept into my heart every time I have gone home since then and came back. Each and every single time, the feeling of leaving my home and my parents and not seeing them for yet another 11 months has made me gloomy, sad and has given me watery eyes - no matter how hard I try to be strong. It has been a long journey and am not sure how and where this would take me but some things are better left to fate I must say.

Well fast-forward from 2004 to 2008 and rewinding back from 2010 to 2008, 9th of August, marks another important "life-changing" event that took place in my life, which happened to make my heart beat not only for me but it also started singing along the rhythm of someone else's heart beats too. It was this day that I went down on one knee and proposed Dipali to come join me in my quest to fill our lives with love and emotions. The entire experience of that day and how I managed to gather my guts to propose her are composed here :: Click Here !

As I went through that post, one more time today, I still got some goosebumps and would give anything to move back in time and go through it once again ! (PS:: Only this time, I would ask her to be lenient on the drinking limit instead of completely cutting it off for me lol... And of-course would not miss my opportunity to ask her dad for some $$$$ Dowry). No matter how much we try we can never turn back time. All one can do is just relive those moments yet again in a similar yet different way and experience love.

It's been a tremendous journey, filled with lots of love, fights, likes and dislikes, pillow wars and night full of snores, cheeks pulling and hair clinching moments, but at the end, it has been a great emotional roller-coaster ride with my love.

I am sure those who have gone through such love and emotions, would agree with me, that such events do change the way you portray your future, the way you think and dream about where and what you would want to do down the line, now that you have someone to look and care for, and especially how would you want your life's puzzle to play out with your partner by your side. One would definitely have a vision of you and your better half scaling new heights and conquering new fronts in the quest of life.

For me, I see myself playing Poker on the front porch of my home, with a stick in my hand, a little bald, my teeth lying in a glass container, and Dipali putting up a sweet Poker Face, trying to win it all. She would still have that zeal, she has now, to call ALL IN, and go up and down in her chair after winning.

As, for me, I am, and would have already been a winner by then with her by my side :), smiling at her cute little beaming face filled with joy at winning a card game. And a fantastic reality check for me would be when she would stand up, take the coins and pose in front of me, expecting me to stand on my weak feet, take out the SLR and shoot some 100-200K pics, which I guess I would obediently love to do !!!

Love You Jaana !!! Muha !