Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad !!!

It's that day again, when I remember, as a child I used to get out of the house on some pretext, order a cake, some flowers and get a great card for my mom-dad, come back and hide it some place safe enough for them to not catch it ! The only day when my dad would actually get up early and bring his own share of flowers too for my mom ;-) and I would just stand there admiring how out of 365 days, it's just this particular one day that my dad actually would "try" listening to my mom's suggestions, requests, pleas and what not - Why ? Oh Well ! The answer lies in the magical word called - L O V E !

The 29th of April, marks the anniversary for my lovely parents, and my Dad being born on the 18th of July, and my Mom the 20th of July in the exact same year, Mr. Shah has an interesting theory of his own to share  about their birthdays being so close, and so whenever someone asks him about how he went about falling in love for the lovely lady of his life, he comes up with an instant remark in his own jovial way mentioning "It's during my initial new-born hospital days and the moments that I spent there, that I had my eyes on Ms. Sheth (at that time) and had made up my mind, if it's gonna be someone, then it's definitely gonna be this cute little girl, lying in the cradle besides me, who is going to be Mrs. Shah as I grow older !"... Friends and family who know them closely enough have their own version of the love story too as I have heard them share bits and pieces, here and there, especially when I am to be advised about how love should be :))))...

But even as someone tries to pursue the answers about how they got to know each other during school days and about how they fell in love from the 8th grade, you would not get a direct answer, but a lot of secretive hidden messages as to how things happened to fall in place (as if it was meant to be) and how one event led to another and eventually they bonded in a life-time intertwined thread of love and warmth.

It's that day of the year today, when Mr. Shah got married to Ms. Sheth and started their life-long journey of ups and downs, happiness and sadness, success and failures, hand-in-hand, vowing to stand by each other, come what may, and facing the surprises of life together, embraced in the love for each other - 29th of April was when my mom and dad got married aspiring to live happily ever after !

So this post goes to congratulate Mom-Dad on their 31st marriage anniversary, wishing them lots of love for many many many more years to come ! 

Wishing you a very Happy Marriage Anniversary Mom-Dad ! 
May God bless you with lots of love and even more close bonding with each other ! 


(PS: Till date I still do not know who actually proposed whom and there has been no clear indication from either Mom or Dad, but one thing for sure is that whenever this topic is brought up I witness that sparkle in both their eyes and with a little bit of shyness and slyness they both exchange certain glances, smile, and just move on ... LoL ;-) )