Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Molten Cake, Blue Mango, 20 $ Lottery, Bday Cake n Kicks !!!

So it happens to be the 10th of March, 2010 today and as always I find myself in a whirlwind of mixed emotions, as I turned older completing 27 years of my existence on planet earth and entering my 28th year.

Things have been quite eventful since my last birthday, the most important being me getting married in between, and entering a totally new different phase of life. It's special, celebrating my first birthday after marriage, with my wife, but of-course on the other side of the coin is not being able to celebrate it with your parents who actually miss you a lot, and birthdays are such occasions which I guess are always emotional ones for the parents in particular, after all they are the ones who actually raised, nurtured and developed you into what you are today...

As I am writing this blog post on my birthday, I am already done celebrating my birthday and I am ready to call it the end of the day. But I just wanted to scribble something on this occasion before I went into deep sleep to wake up to see the sun rise on the 28th year for me :)

The celebration did start at midnight, although I was already fast asleep, when my cute little lady love woke me up and with some mushy mushy feelings, hugs and kisses wished me a very happy birthday. With sleepy eyes I smiled back and realized that there is a strong smell of something chocolaty in the apartment and on my bed-side table was a small little Molten Lava Cake, with a cute little teddy (which I don't know how it got there), 2-3 candles and a spoon in place of a knife ! And how can I forget the lovely card ... The small scoop of Molten Lava Cake was awesome and finger (spoon) licking mixed with not only chocolate but loads of love, emotions, kisses and hugs from my wifey !

The entire day today was quite silent at work, couple of colleagues stopping by to wish me, the rest of the day was spent replying to each and every single individual back on Facebook, Orkut, Chat Windows, Emails and personal phone calls who were kind enough to take out at-least a moment to stop by and wish me on my special day :) I was quite beaming in joy to having received those wishes and was fun catching up with some old mates and some new friends. I would like to personally thank each and every one of those who wished me through all the mediums humanly possible and made it quite special for me !!! Thanks a lot to all those near, dear and far ones who wished me from all the corners of the world !

The evening was something I looked forward to as me and Dipali headed off to a Thai restaurant called Blue Mango and had by far the most amazing Thai delicacies that one could ever have. The Cashew curry was something new that we tried and it turned out to be amazing along with the Panang curry and Garlic Tofu.

What was to come next was quite unexpected and did make Dipali create the biggest sad face ever. We stopped by at a grocery store to purchase the candles and the bowls and while I was paying for it, my lovely lady walks up to a stupid crappy **** #### @#%^ &&&& vending machine which dealt in Lottery Tickets. Now those of you who might not know, and most of you who are already aware, Mrs. Shah here is a big time gambler, give her a deck of cards and she would start playing them anytime, anywhere, anyday, anyhow. So she inserts a 20 $ bill into this screwed up machine, punches a button for one ticket (which by the way was just 2-3 $ worth), and then stands there like a wax statue waiting for the machine to yield the rest of the change. She waits, I wait and nothing happens. We call upon the assistant working there and ask him what's going on? To which that MORON, punches another button without even asking us, and out comes another ticket worth 3 $. (6 $ down the drain) ! Aargh !

Even more frustrating was the reply we got when we asked that Idiot about the rest of the change, and he is like "Sorry sir, Sorry Ma'am, this machine does not shell out change". I am like, WTF ? Are you insane? This is broad day light cheating, and I just want my money back. He is like, "Sir, as I told you this machine cannot return change, that means, you would have to play all the 20 $ that you had put in". Grumbling, pacing up and down, my head out of my convenient place, anger on the rise, I managed to murmur profanities in bulk, but nothing could be done in spite of me sulking for the loss of my dearest 20 bucks. Poor Mrs. Shah could not even manage to face me, let alone talk to me !!! Finally feeling helpless, we punched 4-5 more buttons and out came the weird looking crappy lottery tickets and we walked out cursing the store, the machine and the assistant. (PS: To add to it, none of those tickets are gonna fetch us a single dime Grrr Aargh !)

Oh Well ! Anyways, I was looking forward to the cake cutting as we came home after dinner and waited for my gang to arrive. Considering we do have a large group of friends here, it was surely gonna be fun time for couple of hours with some interesting characters in the hood who can never let any dull moment pass by without their constant comments and hilarious jokes cracking up people. We also got a change to watch this ROTF LMAO types video: Click Here

27 candles were lit up, and were blown away with a single stroke, some secret wishes were made (who knows which ones would come true), and with that I celebrated my 27th birthday. But the party was not yet over, as in spite of my constant urging that now that we have grown old enough, we should not be involved in any kind of vulgar masti, indecent fun and definitely no birthday bumps/kicks/pinches etc. But one hell of a group that I have filled with some notorious fun loving dudes that they did not hear one single freaking word from my mouth and picked me up, hurled me, gave me some 30-40 odd kicks, some chest chops, some really really bad pinches on some of the most coveted parts of my body and I was already rubbing my ass cheeks, my back and my chest ! Was hell lot of fun now that the trend has once again begun as I would look forward to everyone's birthdays going forward !!!

Well that was all for today, a great day spent with some 10 minutes of silence to myself, getting my thoughts right, refreshing myself and preparing myself for yet another rocking year !

Once again, thanks to each and everyone of you out there, who directly or indirectly were a part of my birthday celebrations. Love you all !

[PS: I am waiting for the weekend to get my birthday present from Dipali ... Can't wait to go shopping ;-) !! ]