Sunday, October 25, 2009

Too Much Yet Too Less !!!

I have not been keeping up with my personal blog, whereas on the other hand I have been writing all over other places on different topics altogether. There has been so much to update on my blog and I decided not to do so in different blog posts and keep it to a simple and short one (will try), right here.

The month of October was quite eventful for me in all aspects and in multidimensional ways. To start with a festive mood, my team The Immortals were playing the Finals of the Gold Cup in the Cricbay League and were facing an opponent against whom we had lost on all 3 meeting prior to the finals. With the hunger to win when it mattered the most, no one had expected the game to be so close and tensed that by the end of the game most of us had no nails left in their hands. To check out the complete coverage visit my other blog : The Immortals Cricket Club !

Then came the festival of lights, joy and happiness - Diwali. But for me along with that also came a feeling of sadness that Dipali was leaving San Jose to go back to her home in Los Angeles and then to fly to India in the third week of October to start preparing for our marriage. There was quite a mixture of joy, yet the feeling of missing her on Diwali, a feeling of being a Bachelor back again crept up slowly into me with utmost happiness, but then a feeling of being all by myself and not seeing Dipali and not being in the company of a talkative person also brought a feeling of loneliness in me.

Diwali meant fun, good, no awesome food, nice clothes, meeting friends and having a gala time. We did something similar to that, as approximately 30 of us got together at my current apartment and had a Diwali Get-together Luncheon on Saturday. The food was ordered from Dee Dee's, which turned out to be simply fantabulous. We had Khaman, Kesar Pista Shrikhand, Rotis, Undhiyu, Mutter Paneer, Raitu, Gujarati Daal, Peas Pulav etc. On the whole everyone seemed to relish each morsel of food that they had as at the end there was hardly anything left except for 1-2 people.

Further down the road, another important but tiring event that happened was to shift into my new apartment where I and Dipali would be starting a new life ahead. That also meant moving a little more closer to my job which is now only 3 miles away. A new beginning, brings not only happiness and the feeling of being ecstatic but also brings in a feeling of having something of our own. Of-course the feeling of renting an apartment is much different than staying in one's self built home, but this is as far as some of could manage in the US, I guess.

While I am writing this blog, I am still in the middle of the week, living virtually amongst boxes, duct tape and markers, doing a daily tiring job of packing plenty of stuff for my move in. Along with the apartment move, one more truly sad move comes on the job front where in I have to part ways with my lovely near the window cube with complete privacy and awesoem greenery to stare at, as the elements of cement and steel would take over my place as they build new offices destructing the cubicles. To add to it, I have been given a cube which is not that bad, but a move is a move, and after being so much comfortable in my current cubicle let's see how this new 6x6 space turns out to be.

Other than my personal rejoices and agonies, there was too much of pending work on other domains. Speaking about which the new story is out on Project Pulse's Event - Tathastu. This second story is written by me and is a fable about a passionate dancer who wanted to make it big, but could not get the right platform initially due to his background. For more details check out the blog : Project Pulse!

Switching gears to some substantial work covered under Point10, the team is highly active and busy keeping up with a lot of work in promoting the flagship and also hiring interns, attending seminars and bringing people up to speed with their mission. There have been numerous posts which are still pending from my side which I need to put up on the official blog, but there have been some constructive progress in terms of reaching out to people near and far, organizations, industrialists and most important of all making visits to certain colleges and institutions to spread the ideology. A Point10 Summit is on its way and the agenda is being worked upon right now. For more updates on recent news check out their blog : Point10 - Revitalizing the Education Ecosystem!

Finishing this blog post on a relaxed Sunday night, after spending virtually every hour, minute and second of my this weekend behind packing, unpacking, organizing the new apartment, and I hope, just pray, that Dipali likes the way I have not messed up the Pantry or the Wardrobe looking to the way I have organized and placed everything. I mean come on, how much knowledge a male would have as to which utensil and which spices should go in which drawer. You see an empty drawer you just put stuff there, who cares if it's aligned correctly, utensils drawers on one side, and spices on the other lol !!! I did my best that I could do :)

So this was the journey so far for me in the month of october, and with Dipali enjoying her shopping and marriage preparations in India, it's time not to worry about having your clothes lying around on your bed and having someone watching you to get your stuff right, it's time to eat those Maggis and Frozen Food, it's time to just lie down lazily on a saturday or sunday afternoon in front of the TV and not worrying about how to pay those long shopping bills, and maybe just maybe, it's time to enjoy some liquor too (assuming Dipali does not read this blog post lol) !!! 3 Cheers to Bachelor Life !!!

It's back to being a full-time bachelor once again with only 46 days to go from tomorrow, until I climb the horse, and ride into the official married life with whole new set of responsibilities and fun moments. Till then, just party, relax and enjoy life as much as I can, while I can, the best I can !!!

It was just too much and yet too less the entire October.

(PS: Miss You Dipali Lol !!!)