Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Big Time Change !!!

Well to start with I was facing a big time writer's block, where I just could not figure out what to pen down over the past month or so. There were lot of activities and events that came by and went on their way, but nothing worth noting down up until last week. And just when I was wondering what to blog about, this piece of news flash came by and stirred up a series of new beginnings.

Even as my life was going on at a decent pace, I guess it was not meant to be going like that forever. Change is the only constant and it seems I am due (or forced) for a big time change on the professional front. After all it has been 3.5 years since I joined a bunch of fresh graduates entering the field, securing a job in the semi-conductor industry and embarking upon a career path just like any other individual (read "engineers") here in the Silicon Valley.

Well, as it happened on Thursday the 10th of June, amidst a flurry of small hushed discussions, some nervous laughters and some anxious moments, the news came in that my company Virage Logic (www.viragelogic.com) has been bought by Synopsys (www.synopsys.com) and as the news sunk in, I realized that this was a big time move, and happy or not, it dawned upon me that this could be either the beginning of an another exciting phase, or it could be a traumatizing struggle for a new beginning (and I pray to God this not be true), if things go haywire and don't turn out the way I pray it to be ;-).

The deal is expected to close by Synopsys end of Fiscal 2010, which is somewhere in Sept-Oct time frame, and so I guess the months leading into that final closure days, would be filled with curiosity, anxiousness and a tad bit of nervousness about the uncertainty of Virage employees and their job profiles. Speaking of which, I myself am gonna be in the middle of this whirlwind twisters and only God knows what would the final act be.

Nevertheless, let's hope for the best and stay prepared for the worst. 12 $ a share, a 315 million deal, 28 % premium, with the speculations of the entire Virage staff being moved to a new location near the Synopsys headquarters, this big time change brings in a lot of excitement (and hopefully it stays the same for a long time), but also brings a lot of doubts and insecurities into one's mind about what would the next level be and how would things churn out at the end, especially for the Virage staff.

Oh Well ! Time for a deep breath and let these months pass by. I wish for the best and I just hope for the good, but if not, then I at-least pray for the not-so-bad to happen :).

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