Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My "Cricboxes" @ Cricbay League !!!

Well, to add a little fuel to my burning desire of voraciously writing articles and blogs, I had taken up a simple, once or twice a month, article writing task in the Cricket league that I play on the weekends. The league is Cricbay and my team is called - THE IMMORTALS ... The blog was a different perspective and to write about cricket was just another feature that I wanted to explore... Especially after being a hardcore lover of all the articles that Cricinfo post on their website covering the international cricket arena.
(Psst: You can read about some of the stories about my team and the league by clicking here, here or here ...)

As you might see that I have tried to use some cricketing jargon, notions taken from Cricinfo articles and yes I have been a little successful, but no I still have not been the best... I need loads and loads of improvement I guess...

Anyways, the season that I just played in Cricbay is coming to an end, and I would be posting my last article for this season this weekend ... So thought of re-collecting all the articles in one place and post the links here ... This thought came out of just a little laziness by not being able to write a story about my recently concluded eventful Lake Tahoe Sking Trip on Valentine Day...

So until I get my act together, and post that story, following are all the articles that I have so far written under the umbrella of Cricbox for Cricbay League:

CRICBOX:: 28Feb/01Mar :: 09

CRICBOX:: 07/08 FEB :: 09


CricBox :: 22-23:Nov:08

CricBox :: 18-19:Oct:08

I know some of them are long fetched essay type articles, but that is how I am, that once I sit to write, I just cannot get enough out of it ... I can just go on and on ...

The next season starts in March, and we have couple of new writers, and it would be exciting to see what new ideas come out from the think-tank of Cricbox writers.

Till then ciao, may god bless you, may The Immortals get their winning rhythm back, may I hit 20+ runs in each game, and may India win in NewZealand this time unlike last tour when I used to wake up so early in the morning in India, watch 2-3 overs, go to the rest-room, and come back to see India all out for a cheap total, and NZ winning the game lol ... (PSST: Please no comments as to how much time I spent in the rest-room, the above was just a exaggerated example) ;-)

(PS: I came back to edit this post with this link which mentions my name lol as a award winner - of-course not as a batsman, bowler or my team winning a finals, but just because I was contributing to these cricboxes :) -



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