Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish - Book Review !!!

Steve jobs used this famously coined sentence in his commencement speech at Stanford University as all you might know. Is this something about it ? Nay, not at all... This is the title of a book which I happened to finish some days back and this post is a review about that experience.

Upon a first glance, one would feel, the title could be philosophical but beware that could be truly misleading if you go ahead and read just a short summary as to what this novel is all about ...
Put it simply, before I go in more details, this book is amazingly inspiring, stories that you can read, feel good about your own self, drift away in certain dreams of your own, come back, forget the writings and yet again pick up the book and read it all over again ...
One thing is for sure that this book is bound to bring out some kind of a different quality from each one of you, a dream of yours which will surface up, something that will motivate you a lot to achieve a lot in life ... Sounds philosophical ? If so, then you are in for a big surprise ...

About the book language, its simple, lucid, plain English written all over with almost no indications of the author being an Indian (believe me, I have read some books from certain Indian authors, and you would not even touch those books again simple due to the use of diction and language in their scribblings) ...

So what is this book all about ? Well, the book has been composed of various short interviews carried out by the author with some renowned names and faces of Indian big heads... These short narrations not only provides inspiration, but it also brings to the front some struggles, experiences, challenges faced, hardships fought, situations tackled and how at the end each one of this candidate came out successful on the top - but for all, the success came in altogether a different dimension - for some it was fame, for some it was the moolah (money) while for some it was just outright personal satisfaction and progress. What comes on the surface, apart from these enlightening stories, is the outlined summaries put forward and quoted by the author from all the interviews.

For me, it was like just another motivational factor to pursue what I have in my mind, but for first time readers, this book is surely bound to open up a lot of broad horizons in your mind, and will make you explore a lot of other ideas and opportunities in your day-to-day life which you can work upon.

A definitely recommended reading and worth preserving this book for future reference. Mind you, you won't remember a lot of personal narrations found in here, but you would surely be able to relate all of those with your dreams and experiences that probably you must have gone through, are going through or will go through in the future.

You can get more insight about this book at :
and also know more about the author Rashmi Bansal. I contacted the author to giver her some feedback, and the response was instantaneous and most probable my feedback would too appear on her website.
The author also blogs at :

Great work Rashmi keep it up as I already told you in the email and I look forward to some more of your work. All the best.

My Personal Rating: 9/10



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ruchi said...

i like wen u do all d effort of reading d book and writing a dat way i know wat i shud read n wat not :P
nice blog :)!!