Friday, September 4, 2009

Vote for Point10 !

This is a small post with a simple message out to the blogging community and to those who follow me and my blog.

As most of you might now be well aware of Point10Solutions and its various portals of which I am a part of playing my little role in keeping things going and making sure Point10 takes one step at a time in achieving the motto of revitalizing the ecosystem.

There have been many updates for the past month or so and the activities inside and outside the group has picked up a fast rate. With lots of things happening this post comes out to you to request your help with just a click of your mouse.

Basically, Point10 (Jatin / Hiren) has been nominated for the "Most Popular Entrepreneur" competition held on portal. You can click the following links to follow what exactly is this event and get more insight into the workings of Point10. Put it in short, we need your votes and comments to be on the top to win this important event which will play a major role in taking Point10 miles down the road towards establishing a platform which they have dreamt of.

Click Here for details about Point10
Click Here for casting your vote/comments for Point10

The criteria to win this event is Number of Votes, Number of Comments and Unique IP Address Clicks. You can check out the details about this at: Click Here

A click from you can keep Point10 clicking towards success. The entire team of Point10 would be grateful if you can vote for us and maybe put a small comment too as per your convenience. We appreciate your time and energy to do this :)

(PS: I know there are a lot of silent followers and readers who more or less refrain from commenting but this would really help a lot and mean a lot if you can spend just minutes to vote for Point10)


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Dhaval said...

i dint know you were associated with point10... a friend of mine helped actively in the last event.. you can count me in too for any help needed anytime