Friday, September 4, 2009

Married But Available - Book Review !!!

The title itself attracts people like me who are on the verge of getting married, or the recently married or those who have already lived past the worst stage of their life after marriage lol. Well this book is nowhere near to explaining how one can remain a bachelor all their life even after getting married and more importantly be available for some exciting things in life other than taking their better halves to dinner and shopping sprees.

Married But Available - A book from Abhijit Bhaduri is more or less a follower of one of his other book - Mediocre But Arrogant. Of-course as speculated this is now going to be kept alive by one of his another books which would be called - Middle-aged But Active. The common notion of all these titles being the three letter word - MBA !

Somehow I started reading his first book Mediocre But Arrogant, and one of my friends borrowed it for a while. And then I could not resist the second one and so just read that instead. Overall the book is quite light on heavy dosage of words, notions or theories, but very light in humor material, easily catchable jokes and overall a perfect off-the-shelf book to read in one's spare time. With no philosophical takeaways, no lessons for life, the book speaks about Abbey the main character and his typical life as an MBA (which during his time in the 80s was considered to be a God's blessing to possess such a degree).

The variations and transitions that Abbey goes through while pursuing his job as an MBA are something new to read other than the monotonous life about MBAs in IIMs and the life of techies in IITs which some of the other books portray. The situations, the events as described in this book are more realistic and one can even imagine themselves to be in that place and have a perspective about how things go.

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Overall a nice book to read and finish in 3-4 days with some cups of coffee on your patio. A typical leisure book. Now I cannot wait to get my hands back on the first novel of Abhijit - Mediocre But Arrogant as I need to remind my friend to hand it back for me to read. Stay tuned for the review of that one too.

My Rating: 8.0 / 10.0


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