Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Thankful Reminder !!!

It's been a while now since I have faced the writer's block, and somehow had nothing to pen down. Festivals came by and went on their way for yet another year, but there was nothing special to write about them since there was nothing different than the previous year. But then today, I came across a random video (through one of my FB friend) that prompted me to at-least scribble some thoughts and express my opinion. 

Whether or not you believe in God, this post is not about what is correct spiritually and what is correct morally, and I am not here to make a statement. It's up to each individual's nature and the way they can interpret this post and think wisely.

How many times have we seen ourselves standing in front of the God, in a temple, mosque or a church, head down, hands folded, praying for our well-being, asking God for things that we do not have, pleading God to give us more and more, wishing we had this and we had that, or begging not to have this and not to have that. I myself, included, have been a part of this daily/weekly/monthly ritual of walking up to the God and complaining about things in our surroundings, going through our wish list, grumbling about certain short comings, and sometimes blatantly asking for something stupid.

After seeing the video below, I must say, there could be plenty of such videos, literature, news, articles and what not circling the web and many of us might have gone through them, and then carried on with our routine. Most probably, watching this video, and reading this blog, I myself, and you too would just care less and carry on with your daily life, go back to what you do best, and simply forget about this. Most of you would just shrug their shoulders and say what can I do, while on a positive side some of you might just learn something on your own through this post and the video. 

Either ways, I am not here to guide or to instruct anyone with what one should do and should not do. I am here just to share this video, and through that my ultimate aim is to just TRY to see if my message, my blog post and this video, touches even one single soul and if there is something he/she needs to mend in how they live their daily life, and if they do, I would have served my purpose, and in doing so I believe this applies on me too.

My only message after watching this video, is not to ask you for loads of donation, or ask for any kindness, or to walk you through a moral science chapter from school days, but I would surely like to ask you to check yourself the next time when you ask something from God. I would urge you to think about this video when you are about to waste a morsel of food in your plate just because you ended up serving yourself a bit more. It would be worth remembering these unlucky children when you are keeping your water tap running while you are checking your FB news feed on the phone. You would want to check yourself and someone at the table, if you/he/she has a habit of wasting food and make them understand that there are people around the world, who barely get to drink a small cup of milk in a fortnight. There are people, who have to struggle to earn themselves the luxury of a glass of water. For you a piece of cloth might be junk just because there is a mark of pen on it, but for someone that could serve as a cloth to build a tent and live under it. 

Remember this video and ask your self whether you are lucky enough to have what you already have, and whether you should still be complaining, grumbling and cribbing about what you DO NOT have? Would it be fair enough on your part, to always waste what you have, misuse what you have been gifted with and yet ask for MORE and MORE? Would you still consider yourself unlucky if you miss out on some kind of opportunity and curse God for that? Or would you rather be satisfied with what you already have?

Kindly do not forget, you have been lucky enough to live the life that you are currently living, and you have already been gifted, and so instead of sulking about what you do not have, try, simply try, to make an effort of not misusing or wasting what might mean nothing for you, but for the underprivileged unlucky ones, those things mean the world. It's your good Karma that is helping you in this birth, and it would be your good Karma that will help you even further !



Khyati said...

Loved it Sammy.. Good job.. Sadly, I think many of us might know this deep down inside, but we need a reminder like this one...

Soham Shah said...

Ahhhh MAN, this video is disturbing! Watched it with tears in my eyes but then to think of it, it actually made me an atheist for a while .. If GOD is really there, if it exists then why so much suffering , in-balance out there ??

Jatin C haudhary said...

Superb stuff Samkit!

kunal said...

Wonderful Samkit....Man Keep Writing and it is very touchy