Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Adios Virage Logic, Bienvenido Synopsys !!!

One may come across such a point in his/her life when you feel that the world has come to a stop, as if you are onto a tumbling upside down ride of different emotions and hardly can look through the misty clouds hovering above in your mind. The time for which such events last, varies from some minutes to maybe days and months, but the end result is all that matters.

Something of similar sorts, is what I could describe from last week's pulsating topsy turvy set of events where the nerves got more and more intense with each passing day and ultimately what me and many others went through on a Friday could be hardly paid any justice through words unless experienced in person(which I pray no one has to go through). A day of riveting ups and downs, many anxious moments, lots of deep breathes and a sigh of relief at the end for many, while some disheartened hearts for some, it was all about the Synopsys acquisition of my pre-friday employer Virage Logic.

The entire last week was filled with some fun, food and a tad bit of drama, as ultimately after BBQs, team lunches, Bocce Ball games it all came down to one single day - Friday ! Tension was in the air and everyone could smell something's cooking up, as we all awaited with bated breath for the verdict on our professional futures. For me personally, it was a traumatizing night before, feeling all restless, hardly managing to get some few hours of sleep.

Since Thursday night, the NavkarMantras (Holy scriptures) were on my lips, smiling nervously thinking about what is gonna happen tomorrow. Spent a few quality minutes to my self early in the morning in the temple, and the butterflies in my stomach took some rest, but only for a few moments, as they were up and creating havoc inside as I reached my cubicle. As it happened to be, we were asked to remain in our cubes until our managers/boss comes and tells us whether we have a job or not !

Oh Well ! The tic toc tic toc, the slow winding down of the clock began and it seemed to be ages as the clock hands just would not feel like budging and moving a bit faster. The nerves were intense, and the engineering floor where I sit was observing some kind of a dead silence to an extent, and one can literally hear the sound of the AC vents and some random keyboard clicking elsewhere. An eerie surrounding prevailed as everyone waited for their supervisors to drop by and break the news to them.

Even while this was happening, there were some farewell emails that started popping up in my mail box, and that brought more pressure and tension kept on mounting. On the light side, I must have had so many deep breaths, that I could have easily opened up a profitable balloon shop business inflating tons of them with my deep sighs of breathing. The clock struck 9.30, 10, 10.30, 11, 11.30 and even at noon there were almost no news.

And then, finally some minutes past noon, people around me started heaving a sigh of relief as they were called upon by their managers and given the good news about them being secured. I waited, and waited and even waited more, looking to the Gods I have on my desk every 2 minutes or so, the mantras on my lips since morning, biting my lips all over, trying to stay as warm as I could feel the shivers running up and down my spine, my feet went cold and my mind could not concentrate or focus at all. All these and still no news !

All week long I was joking about why I have kept a small refrigerator in my cube for such situations, where if I would have to face some devilish situations, I would just fit myself into the refrigerator and freeze myself until the evil time passes by. But now those jokes were no more funnier as no one could avoid the inevitable and then after all these trauma, finally, my boss steps by and tells me with a big grin on his face that I am safe !

Phew ! The magnitude at which I let off my bated breath was such that it could have brought a small tremor to the entire building. But wow ! I was like phew ! And so it happened, that amongst this wild whirlwinds, most of us were not affected including me, and I beamed with joy as I was handed the official paperwork from Synopsys. I took a deep breath, for the last time that day, went over the paperwork, took the binder, took my laptop, the car keys, and just went straight out of the office building and drove back home. I could not imagine myself spending even one more moment in my cubicle that day !

My heart goes out to those affected, and for some of my best friends at work, whom I did not even get a chance to say good-bye. It was a painful exercise for everyone, but a new beginning beckons. The feeling is sinking in slowly and steadily, and we are still away from actually migrating to a different location yet, but I hope the new work culture and this change brings more new opportunities and new benefits for me and for everyone else :)))

So it's been a tremendous ride with Virage Logic and our CEO was quite emotional a day before during the company BBQ when he personally handed over the first ever Virage Logic t-shirt to the Synopsys CEO and the keys to the Virage Logic building to the Synopsys VP under whom we would be operating.

So finally, after a plethora of emotions, and a flurry of anxious moments, the wait is finally over and it's time to bid Virage Logic Adios and extend a warm Bienvenido to Synopsys :)


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