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Point10Solutions - A Portal for a Good Cause !

A lot of times, we have heard, people and associations all round the world, promoting ideas about helping others, their ideas involving donations and monetary support for the not-so-lucky people in the society, individuals setting a tone of contributing to the welfare of the ecosystem, organizations (profitable and non-profitable) going beyond their limits in helping youth, retired people, homeless in some way or the other.

With this notion in our mind, some of us truly thank God for everything that he has blessed us with, and making us a little bit more lucky in terms of providing us with a slightly better life than others. Be it a well nourished child-hood, a great circle of friends, supportive parents, loving partner, good wealth but far more greater health and one such thing that ranks somewhere in the middle of these blessings (which is nowadays becoming a lot more important) is the luxury of good education.

Up until recent times, education was considered just another "requirements" of life, but lately has turned into a much needed necessity of a person's career. Of-course we can sit down and argue, that most of the successful millionaires and billionaires of the world at some point of time gave up studying and education, yet turning out to be great successful entities. But then, these very same people have been found promoting education and literacy too. It is not so rightly said, that only an educated man will be successful in life, but it could be very much rightly said, that studies and education is surely not going to hurt anyone and who knows, at a later point in time, they might just turn to be your life savior recipes.

Having said that, I have recently joined a group of people, certain individuals who want to give something back to the society, students and professionals who want to contribute their share of blessings so as to help those needy students realize their dreams. This group called "Point10Solutions" breathes on a vision which states "Revitalizing the Education Ecosystem".

I came across this concept through a friend (Hiren Panchasara) whom I knew back from USC and just casually sifting through their blogspot for Point10 figured out that this could be a good start for a noble cause. Everyone of us has some kindness and goodwill hidden inside us, but sometimes, just due to a lack of proper platform, or a medium, we tend to shy away from coming forward and extending our hands to give a little bit of support.

Well, I liked their concept, and to be honest, I liked that this is not just any other association who is going to go places performing like a social service group. This is something different. Their first concept about "Books10Solutions" is doing great rounds everywhere (and some of you might have heard about it in the news), as the team is gathering up individuals from all around the industries to come forward and sponsor 1 single student for only 1 year, in terms of the cost of his/her books. The price? It's just a bare minimum of 2000 Rs. with a maximum limit of 5000 Rs., which I guess should not be a major concern for professionals like me and many more. But the benefit? Just imagine how much benefit those students who are in real need of such sponsors can get from this kind gesture.

I have been now involved in this group through Hiren and Jatin, who are doing a wonderful job with this vision. My role in this group is to maintain the blog, articles, news, posts, invitations etc - basically anything to do which involves composing and creating textual content and getting involved in any kind of other activities to get this project rolling further. Anything right or wrong you see up on the blog, the invites, the articles etc you know who to blame now ;-) ....

Well I hope, all my friends, relatives and the hidden anonymous visitors of my blog, would come forward and support Point10Solutions for a good cause. Looking forward to all and any kinds of contributions (Funding the students, donating books, professional help/guidance, improvisation ideas etc ...). We have received tremendous support from leading industrialists, university faculties, business owners, job professionals, students and other common people from the society. You can check out Point10 Solutions latest updates and their coverage in the news recently. Also check out the upcoming event being organized in Ahmedabad.

Make a visit to read about Point10Solutions concept, vision, upcoming events and more at:

Point10Solutions - Parent Portal
Books10Solutions - Funding Books for 1 Student for 1 Year
Education10Solutions - An Educative Networking Portal (Coming Soon)
Jobs10Solutions - Coming Soon (The Point10 Way into the Industry)
Projects10Solutions - Coming Soon (Work While You Study)

Point10Solutions Team Members Profile:
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For more details you can drop a line at:
(Or contact me directly)
I look forward to a lot of participation, feedback, comments and suggestions to help Point10 Team move forward.


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