Monday, April 6, 2009

Anything for You Ma'am - Book Review !!!

As the title suggests, it surely was going to be a lover story with a bit of sarcasm, a bit of love, a bit of hate, and all the spices that goes into creating a love story in a novel. If it were for movies, you would have music, stubborn parents, beautiful (and bountiful) scenes of almost half the world, and at the end the actress would be swaying to the bliss of love in the arms of the actor with the camera panning towards some bunch of flowers to indicate something adult going on ... lol ...

Well nothing of that sorts, this novel is just about a simply IIT boy, who like most of us is trying desperately to get back his interests in studies, but ends up mastering the art of love and on its path, getting a doctorate degree in avoiding and turning obstacles into fruitful endeavors leading and bringing him one step closer to his lady love. For once, there is not a lot of IIT (or IIM) rituals desribed in the book, to keep the reading light and fun.

Using simple but tactful pun type figure of speech in the writings, the author narrates the entire story just like a movie script. A bit laughter here and there, but sometimes, tends to sway away from the story into too much detail about personal thoughts and surroundings. There were some moments during reading this novel, that I literally flipped through a couple of pages, as it lacked any conversations pertaining to the story, but dealt with only the musings and delicacies of personal dreams and stories which for me were just a bit off the topic and were not needed.

But overall a nice light reading, a love story, with the necessary twists and turns on and often, bringing to the surface the reality of how hard love is when pursued especially when it turns out to be a long distance one, and what all goes into making it a successful story such that one can write a book about it. Details about the book and the author can be found here :

Anything for You Ma'am - by Tushar Raheja

My personal rating: 6/10



Anonymous said...

story b lakhi j naakh ne...kam pate... ;-)

Samy said...

@Anonymous - The day when you would be commenting with your good name on my blog, lol, that day I am going to dedicate an entire post on you :) lol ...