Monday, October 27, 2008

Capturing Nanosecond !!!

Amazing skill and display of timing in terms of capturing a nanosecond image.
Its all about timing, lights, camera and action.

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A lens can perceive in a moment as equal as a blink of an eye !



Friday, October 24, 2008

How Would Guys Prefer Rangoli !!!

Well as Diwali was approaching near by, I was trying to think on writing a post on it. Well I might as well sometime next week but as I was trying to pen down some thoughts, I was also looking for something catchy on the internet to make my next post more interesting to read and for me personally to write even better ...

Well nevertheless as we know our 24 hour friend "The Internet" can never stop amusing us or entertaining us and so be it - once again it did not disappoint me... In fact what I am going to show you in my other blog, is surely gonna make most of us (Mostly males) just sit back and have a satisfied smile on their face remembering the good old days when they MIGHT (Just might) have experienced this art.

Well, so go ahead and feast your eyes on this dream of yours my Male Friends LOL !!!

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Wishing all you guys for such a day !!!



Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lake Placid Ice Festival !!!

A new post is up @ My other blog -

Pictures from Lake Placid's Ice Festival in NY.
Some stunning images and creations from ICE.

Enjoy the pics ...


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another Dimension, A Different Blog

Well friends, I was just going over my blog stats and comments and overall logistics and critics of my posts since I started blogging. Overall I found out that there are some out there who really enjoy word-by-word what I have to write, while there are some, who are just happy that I express something nice through my blog, and there are some who find my posts very long and tedious to read, but yet they do enjoy them a lot and once in a while drop by some appreciation.

Well getting criticized and also appreciated is all a part and parcel of this hobby of mine. On a given day, you would find some praising your efforts while the very same moment someone could be just looking down at you as if you just wrote something horrendous. Lol. Well that is how you build and grow - feedback, positive or negative always helps you improve and bring out your best.

Anyways, instead of getting sidetracked on what kind of feedback I have had for my blog posts, and explaining how comments on your own posts, helps you feel better - let me get straight to the point about this current post that you are reading.

Well, once you are done reading this post, you might end up in two states of mind - one, "This should be interesting" or second, "Well nothing special huh" and then shake your head ... LOL. Well no matter what you think, one thing for sure you would definitely understand is two different dimensions of ME !!!

So far, if you have been an avid reader of Samkit's Reminiscence and have relived and related some moments, memories and write ups to your own life, this post comes along your way as a relief from my long essays and as a pain killer to the regular headaches that you get reading to my descriptive scriptures. Lol.

Well I have created another blog for me to work on and to your surprise (and as the name of that blog would suggest), that blog would have NO WORDS at all...
First reaction - PHEW - I know that would be what some of you would feel !!! At last some relief from Samkit's writings ... lol ...
Second reaction - Well what is this new blog all about???

Well not to keep you curious any further, just go ahead and click the link below to check out my new blog:

Before you leave this post to check out my new blog, just a few lines about it - Its a simple blog, with no long posts with full of writings or words or descriptions ... It would just be indulged in photos, pics from around the world, anything that looks amazing to me will be put up there... Email forwards with amazing pics, some photographs captured from my own camera or from internet galleria ... Anything which will catch your eye shall be put up there ....

So now that you have an escape route with this new blog of mine, you can survive whatever I pen down here in Samkit's Reminiscence and thus avoid getting yourself a headache reading to my long posts. Just go to my new blog and you would be relieved. LOL !!!

Ofcourse - Comments on both the blogs are ALWAYS welcome and are inspiring to write more or click more (now that I have a new blog to use).

Hope you guys enjoy this new dimension of me where for a change I would not talk a lot through my posts, but just simply treat you with spell bounding images from around the world.

(Psst: I already have a couple of posts up and running on my new blog. If any one of you has any such email forwards, or images that you think should go up there, you are more than welcome to send them to me and I shall put up those on my new blog)



Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cricbox - A place for cricketing jargon !!!

Well, this is something out of fun, that I have taken up for the Cricket League which I am a part of. Cricbay has a weekly article box by the name of Cricbox where important games for the upcoming weekend are highlighted with some comments and some statistics (most of the time).

Voluntarily I also signed up for that, and so this weekend was my turn to provide some writeups for the matches.

This is where it could be found.
Click on the link below:

CRICBOX::: 18-19 Oct, 2008