Friday, December 19, 2008

My Bucket List - Do You Have Any ???

As the year 2008 comes to an end, what can be expected of me and my blog? You guessed it right, there would be a post recollecting this whole year that went by, certain events which came, made their mark and we moved on, certain moments worth mesmerizing, and certainly some worth creating a milestone for the path down the memory lane. After all that is what my blog is all about - Recollecting, Reminiscing and Recording all the memories that have went by ... I did not realize until now, that this posts and my blog is surely going to be my potion of survival for my later age LOL !!! I would just sti back, with my stick in my hand, my teeth lying in a glass, wrinkles on my face, mumbling something, trying to figure out how the damn Intel Pentium 8-9-10th generation works on my laptop, and trying to read through these moments which I have pen down on my blog (if my blog survives till that day LOL). Wel, if only I had planned my today's life quite ahead of time, just like I am planning for my old age survival tactics, then things would have been more merrier and rosier than they currently are, but then What the Heck !!! Who cares about what is to come until we live in the present and enjoy it ...

I and my room-mate Jaishal just ended up watching a not-so-glamorous, but yet-so-meaningful, Hollywood flick - "The Bucket List", directed by Rob Reiner, starring one of my favs - Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson. The movie revolves around this term called "Bucket List", which is just a piece of paper, with a list of items these two guys , complete strangers, down with certain illness, want to do, achieve and enjoy, before they enter the doors of Heaven above. And that is how their journey begins and they find themselves, doing and experiencing things that they would have just dreamt of... From Sky-diving, to having a cup of coffee on the Pyramids in Egypt, from the South African Safari, to having a dinner in France, they do it all, and they do it in style.

Well so watching this movie, I thought why not let me put down my own Bucket List - ofcourse its hard to be realistic while doing so, but atleast I can give it a shot. Who knows, if some one from you out there, are so graceful enough like Jack Nicholson, to help me fulfill my list of things to do ... Its not that I am nearing an end of my life, LOL, hell no, but then my list will change from time to time as I move on with my life. The list might have some short term wishes, and some long term desires, but you guys feel free to fulfill them as and when you want LOL ...

So I am gonna list just about 5 things that I have in my mind as of today (believe me, its really hard to take time and think what one really wants in life ), looking to where I stand, and let's see if I can achieve those any time sooner, but the interesting part is, that when I post another article here with this same topic, and update my list, that will be only when I have fulfilled at-least one of the following 5 desires. As soon as one item goes off my bucket list, I would update the post - that is my deal ;-) ...

Also for this post, I tag, Soham, Nikhil, Krupa, Valerine, Neha and Shachi, to pen down their own Bucket Lists ... Enjoy guys !!! Make it funnier and eventful ... Who knows I might just help you out LOL !!!

Samy's Bucket List

1. Sometime, down the future, I would like to help at-least 1-3 kids, who can't afford studies, go through their schooling, the college studies and see them become successful - be it big or small - I just would like to educate a couple of poor kids.

2. In the long run, I would love, simply desire to, have minimum of 3-5 offices all over the world, for Me and My Father, either running his business, or running mine alongside his.

3. A day before, when I would leave USA permanently, I am gonna drive my Toyota Camry to the limits, going from either San Jose to Los Angeles, or vice-versa, on 5 North-South freeway, without worrying about any kind of tickets, or cops with radars. Of-course I would use a radar in my car, to scan for the cops' signals, if I get caught, no probs, would pay the ticket whatever be the cost, but if I dont get caught, I would end up writing a post about it, alongwith a picture taken by me of my speedometer, crossing the 100-110-120-130-140 barrier.
(Psst: I still want to do it as of today, if my friends agree to share the cost of the ticket, come on guys, the worst fine would be around 300 $, if we are 4 people - that's just freaking 75 $ per head)

4. For once in my life, I want to score 50 runs - Out or Not out does not matter, in a game of Cricket. Just want to charge down the pitch, while hitting a four or taking a single to reach the score of 50, punch my fist in the air while jumping, and celebrate it with a bear-hug with my non-stiker partner in the middle of the pitch. Parallel, and of lesser importance to that, I really want to try using my not-so-good bowling tactics, thus ending up using some kind of weird spin actions in a match to baffle the opposition.

5. Really, really, desperately want to go Sky Diving for the past 2 years, but have not got a chance yet. Just for once, I want to go up there and take a dive into complete vaccum, and feel the experience of being sucked into a black hole of the universe.

Ahem !!! Well these are my desires as of today to put it inside my "Bucket" list, lets see what are yours ??? It would be interesting to know your dreams and wishes that you have for the future.

And before I leave you to ponder over your list, I am just going to quote a few favourite dialogues from the movie :

"You measure yourself by the people who measure themselves by you."
"We live, we die, and the wheels on the bus go round and round."
"Everyone's afraid to die alone."
"Nobody cares what you think."

But the best was :
"Here's something to remember when you're older - never pass up a bathroom, never waste a hard-on, and never trust a fart."

LOL ... Happy Listing Friends !!!



ruchi said...

so here comes a comment from ur loyal blog reader...nice post!! u made me think wat shud b my bucket list....and one of them is the cruise trip which i guess is common to so many of us!!

CricBayer said...

its not just $300 fine for speeding bro ..... I have heard they to can be arrested if you are over 25 mph over the limit ..... Anyways .... Feel its not worth the risk ...... I touched 115mph on hwy 5 once but my Altima could not seem to handle the speed ;)

I would add taking over CricInfo to my list :)

Samy said...

@ Ruchi - The cruise trip is surely not going to take place any time soon - unless you sponsor all of us lol :)

@Cricbayer - Thanks buddy for the warning, but yeah my legs always itches to step on that Gas pedal ...(especially after coming back from a trip to my home town and driving like crazy without worrying about cops in India) .. lol and yeah the wish about taking over Cricinfo - That is too flattering lol ... I have seen people write in a much more fascinating way than me - and I am yet to reach there - but thanks for the encouragement - ....

(PS: Do I know you from any of the Cricbay teams?)