Sunday, June 15, 2008

What does your name mean ?

I was thinking of what to post, and came across this thought of trying to know what does my name mean and suggest !
I was reading some Jain Scriptures, and came across the following definitions / meanings of what my name "Samkit" indicates ...

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Samkit :
- Blessed state of the Self-realisation and Equanimity.....
- Synonymous with Samyak or Samyaktva; True path; Samyak darshan.....
- Three vows or goals :
1) Upshama samkit - dedicated 'faultless' doubtless following the guru or the enlightened one
2) Shaayik samkit - initial experience of the ultimate Truth after destroying all passions' and
3) Kshaayopashmik samkit - union with True knowledge, continuous and consistent realization of the same Awakening of the soul to the right path.

- Samkit means right faith in the nature of substances, animate and inanimate and conviction accompanied with self realization of soul as distinct from body and allied objects.
- Such a faith remaining alive in an embodied soul night and day and each moment of time is Kshayaka Samkit.
- On attainment of this sort of faith an individual can be liberated from the bondage to body and Karmas in the same birth or in maximum within three ensuingbirths.
- This state is obtained by the total annihilation of Darshana Moha (infatuation arising out of illusion and ignorance of self) and Anantanubandhi Kashaya i. e. due to clinging to erroneous belief of body as soul and not heeding the words of the wise, a queer type of passion is generated forcing an individual to act in a manner that causes him to wander in this universe infinitely.
- This kind of Samkit can be achieved in the present age of spiritual decay and corruption.

The overall conclusion I got from this excerpt is,
Once a soul has 'Samkit', he gets liberated within few incarnations....



(PS: I would like to hear the meanings of your names too ... So feel free to write and post the meaning of your names ....)


Soham Shah said...

My name 'Soham' means:

"I am He - the presence of divinity of each soul .. "

In gujarati - " Hun aej Chhu " ..

Awesome name-awesome meaning ;-) ..

Ishita said...

Nice 1 & nice name :)!
well my name means "The Gr8 power of God". Dnt know about power but if we get blessings from god than v term ourself as lucky 1!

Blog2050 said...

hmm impressive u know too much about ur name..
well my name is saurav.. and what it means i really do'ntknow