Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Half Century: Busy but not Dead !!!

It has been a long long time I feel, that I even visited my blog and checked out the counter for the number of visitors, or the live traffic feed to get a glimpse of people visiting my blog or the world map which gives me the data (never used anywhere) about demographics of my visitors... Life has been very busy lately, with nothing great, or shall I say life has been pretty monotonous with nothing happening to pen down.

Amusingly, as I even started this post during a bored lazy Thursday afternoon, I did not have even the faintest idea about what I am gonna write, and it suddenly struck me, that I have been doing nothing lately or what ? Well of-course not, you can leave a man out of the action, but never deprive the action from the man ...

I have been going crazy over the NBA playoffs, LA Lakers are playing the finals and am waiting Kobe and Phil Jackson to win another championship ring for their fingers ... I have been writing match reports for my team, The Immortals and Cricbox articles for my league Cricbay, and have also been playing cricket (not much though) and just went over a trauma of a dropped catch last weekend, the report of which can be found HERE on my other blog ... I have been shopping to burst my already bulging wardrobe which has always faced a round of complaints from my roommates back from LA (USC) and in the Valley ... I have also been going nuts with my damsel's job hunt, applying to tons and tons of companies here in the Bay Area, and learning some new concepts and fundamentals of Accounting through her job hunt and interviews ... On the personal physical fitness side, have started playing basketball, have been going to the gym regularly ... I have also been handling the business side of mine through designing and maintaining the website for my company Abhinav Inc. and assisting my dad in trying to get some conference calls and extra business opportunities to expand (which so far has been a very slow start but hanging on) ... Phew and the list simply goes on ...

Well as we move on in our life, which is like a box of chocolates, where one does not know what's coming next, it always feels good to remember old times, good and bad, talk about people who have come and gone, touched our lives in some way or the other, or more importantly been a part of our life. Recently I came across two old videos that I created when I was still part of Southern California and just could not think of a life beyond USC, Los Angeles and the Grade Sheets of my MS degree lol ...

For this 50th post of mine, I did not have anything special to mention or share, but just wanted to cross that mark of 50 posts ... But then, as I was going over the previous posts across some months, (that I realized that I must have been either too lazy or seriously busy that the entire month of May brought out only 1 post from me Sheh !!), I discovered that uptil now I still have not shared something that I created almost 2 years back - those two videos that I mention above.

So here I would like to post them once again, as watching these two videos brings out a lot of great great wonderful memories of I would say the best of the best years of almost everyone's life in that video ... Those were the days and I still cherish those memories close to my heart !!!

Video 1 (20 min)

Video 2 (14 min)

(PS: Sorry for the quality, but let me know if you want the originals, or try watching them on a smaller screen, and dont forget to turn on the speakers)

Everytime I watch these videos, and it speaks so much about what we all friends had shared and enjoyed ... Some of the best moments of my life !!! More amazing is the fact that, I still see that sparkle in the eyes of some people found in these videos, when we talk about good old days at USC and the memories linked to those moments ... That excitement is still there and will always be there for years to come as some of those moments will turn out to be fables, whilst some bedtime stories for our children (WTF, am I talking like an oldie or what?) !!!

And guess what? Yup, you just got it right maybe... I am once again working on a third video with memories from the Bay - or shall I say a life up North in the Valley ... Stay tuned ... It might just take more time ;-)

All I can say is that recently I have found this quote to eb very true:
"Live the Life You Love, Love the Life You Live" !!!



ruchi said...

the videos and the picture collage....seems i can see it n number of times widout geting bored :)
waiting for ur 3rd video!!!

Valerine said...

Hey long time.....keep postin and updating....Btw interesting stuff :)